Better cameras expected in iPhone 11

June 14, 2019

Rumors are mounting over this year’s release of Apple’s new iPhone 11, with the next generation expected to be unveiled in September.

This year’s edition is tipped to feature improved cameras, USB-C, reverse charging and possibly even a slight alteration to the size.

So, let’s take a deeper look at all the speculation doing the rounds.


The traditional timeframe for iPhone upgrades is the US spring with September the most likely possibility. Tech Radar is tipping an unveiling date of Tuesday, September 10 based on previous years, and 9to5mac agrees early September is likely.


So far, it’s the cameras attracting the most attention when it comes to what new features the iPhone will deliver in 2019.

9to5mac is firmly predicting the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will feature a three-camera array on the rear, offering better image quality.

“The additional lens in the triple-camera system is believed to be an ultra-wide camera made by Sony, expanding the range of zoom available in the iPhone Camera app. Apple may also use computer vision technology to blend data from each of the three cameras together to take more-detailed photos at a standard zoom level,” they state.
Meanwhile, Tech Radar notes the third camera could boost Apple’s augmented reality vision.

“…CEO Tim Cook has consistently talked up the power of AR on the iPhone and iPad. A depth sensing time-of-flight camera could do just that,” they speculate.

The front-facing camera also appears primed for an upgrade. Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously tipped the selfie camera will be 12mp rather than 7mp.

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Size and case

One of the more interesting rumors doing the rounds is that the iPhone 11 could be slightly larger than the iPhone X. There are too many conflicting reports for that to be a bankable tip, but regardless of the case size, the display is set to be 5.8 inches with slightly smaller bezels.

The rear is predicted to be glass and some note Apple will switch to a matte finish for the black model. Other anticipated colors include space gray, gold, silver and blue.

Improved battery and reverse charging

There’s a lot of expectation the iPhone 11 will boast better battery life which may come in the form of a 4000mAh battery that will support reverse wireless charging (like Samsung and Huawei). This would allow users to charge their Apple Watch or other compatible devices using their iPhone.

Meanwhile, USB-C looks likely to be included.

Water proof?

Tech Radar notes there’s been an additional report Apple is experimenting with new water proofing technology that could see users able to use the iPhone underwater.

“What's more, a patent suggests the camera on a future iPhone would be able to tell when you're underwater and alter settings accordingly, so that underwater photographs look better,” they state.

The usual improvements

In addition to some new features, the latest iPhone will run iOS 13 and will also likely feature improved speeds. Meanwhile, a new chipset is usually an iPhone feature and this one is expected to be the A13.

It’s also tipped to support Wi-Fi 6, but 5G is not considered likely. Many note Apple will wait to introduce 5G capability in 2020.

Documents filed

Prior to any major iPhone or iPad release, Apple is required to file documents with the Eurasian Economic Commission regulatory database.

There were widespread recent reports this had been completed offering confirmation the iPhone 11 will launch alongside the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone XR2.

In the interim, as the countdown continues to a September launch, more rumors and speculation are likely.

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