5 Under $50: Cool Amazon iPad Accessories You Need

September 24, 2018

NokBabo Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 9.7 Inch/iPad Air 2

This “Amazon’s Choice” tablet case not protects your iPad with a heavy-duty yet lightweight material, it also turns your tablet into an easy to carry laptop.
Compatible with later model iPad .7s, iPad Pro 9.7s and iPad Air 1 and 2, this case keeps your device slim and sleek while providing you the convince of a laptop keyboard and 130 degree angled adjustable screen. Using the clam shell design, the device utilises the auto-sleep and wake function to help extend battery life, just like a normal laptop would. The case, available in either black or rose gold colour options, leaves all ports, buttons, and cameras on the tablet exposed and useable, and offers features such anti-slide grips, and a micro USB compatible charging port for the keyboard.
NokBabo offers a 30-day return window, 1-year warranty and 24-hour email support for the Key Board case so you may buy with confidence.


Joylink Universal Tablet Hand Strap Holder

This versatile tablet holder accommodates not just the iPad 9.7, but all tablets between 9.7”-10.5”.

Created from high-quality PU leather, the strap comes in black, gold, purple or blue to satisfy your personal aesthetic. This comfortable hand strap allows you to easily and securely hold your tablet in your hand. Whether you are taking order, or taking photos, you won’t have to worry about losing your grip on your tablet ever again. The strap also allows for 360 degree swivel so you may view your iPad from any angle while in use.


nbryte Tablift Tablet Stand

A flexible tablet stand that will make handsfree use of your tablet on uneven surfaces a breeze.

The nbryte Tablift Tablet Stand has 4 flexible legs to assist in balancing you tablet for handsfree viewing on any surface, even lumpy couches and beds. The stand can be used with any tablet that is less than 10mm in thick, including the iPad. Besides allowing for many tablets to be used by accommodating up to 10mm in thickness, this feature also allows the user to keep their protective case on their tablet while using the device, so long as the total width is under the maximum allowable size. The flexible legs allow for customized viewing as the legs can change shape to accommodate height preference and surface texture.


AiKEGlobal Cell Phone Telephoto Lens

Don’t let the “Cell Phone” title fool you. This universal tripod and clamp lens is perfectly suited for use with an iPad.

Turn your average photos into high-quality, professional-looking photo with this set. Not only will you enhance your photographs of places and people, but you can also join in on your photos by using the wireless remote shutter while it’s set up on the tripod. The listing boasts recent updates that allow you to take high quality photos from up to 800 metres away with 20 times zoom, and up to 60% greater clarity through its clamp-on lens you place over the regular lens on your device. AiKEGlobal also offers a great 30 day return policy as well as a lifetime warranty. On top of those already great satisfaction guarantees, they also promise to resolve your issues by email in 24 hours or less!


APPS2Car Universal Car Mount

This CD player insertable mount allows you to ditch your small phone screen for an enhanced view of your GPS.

The Universal Car Mount is an easy to use, adjustable device hold that allows enough room to accommodate for your iPad 9.7 and smaller. Rather than squinting and straining to see where your GSP is leading you on a car trip, you can use this device to upgrade the size of your screen and help you avoid errors in getting to your destination. Avoid missed turns because you couldn’t see where your phone was telling you to go. This design allows you to listen to CDs even while in use so long as you load your CD before inserting the device, and keeps your tablet more securely in position than suction cups or air vent clamps by using a screw-lock base design and rubber grips to hold the tablet. APPS2Car also offers a 45 day return policy and 24 month warranty.

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