This “Amazon’s Choice” tablet case not protects your iPad with a heavy-duty yet lightweight material, it also turns your tablet into an easy to carry laptop. Compatible with later model iPad .7s, iPad Pro 9.7s and iPad Air 1 and 2, this case keeps your device slim and sleek while providing you the convince of a laptop keyboard and 130 degree angled adjustable screen. Using the clam shell design, the device utilises the auto-sleep and wake function to help extend battery life, just like a normal laptop would. The case, available in either black or rose gold colour options, leaves…

The Tablet Revolution

In the modern day of tweets, texts, and swiping right, people are becoming increasingly more dependent on the convenience and accessibility of hand held electronics. We like to hold our devices and to…
Freedom Universal Tablet Stand

Technology key to the restaurant experience

Amidst the steady hum of the coffee machine and the swift pace of orders being punched into an iPad, children sit at a makeshift benchtop accessing the latest apps, and mastering the art of Fruit Ninj…

Shoppers still prefer to buy in-store

Australian research has found the allure of bricks and mortar retail will continue in coming years with consumers still keen to enjoy the personalised service, social interaction and product experienc…
Twist Cafe

Predictions for the iPad Pro 2018

Apple may be rejoicing in the resounding success that is the iPhone X but there’s little time to celebrate, with all eyes on their next forecast big release, the iPad Pro 2018. iPhone X went on sale…

About Bosstab

Bosstab provides premium secure lockable tablet kiosk enclosure stands, tablet holders and wall mounts for retail and exhibition functions.

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