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Elite Gemini

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The Elite Gemini tablet stand is a tall lockable tablet stand designed to securely display your iPad with a concealed cable management solution. Featuring a 45 degree tilt adjustment for ease of use and functionality.

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Elite Gemini features

4 point

The Elite Gemini tablet stand features a lockable faceplate that secures with a barrel key and four-point lock for ultimate security. As an additional security option, unique key and barrel sets are also available. This tablet stand is ideal for high-traffic areas or any commercial or educational environment where additional layers of security may be required for your device.
Elite Gemini features


The upper (staff facing) hinge features a 45 degree tilt adjustment to best suit the users height. This versatile tilt adjustment matched with the tall Gemini pole gives you more options for mounting on various counter heights.
Elite Gemini features

Internal cable

The Gemini stand features internal cable management which can run through the surface (recommended for screw mounted) or out the side of the freestanding base.
Elite Gemini features

Power bank &
PoE adapter

The Elite Gemini tablet stand also features storage for power banks or PoE adapters which is easily accessible via the access panel located in the pole.

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Elite holder accessories

Discover some of the included accessories such as an additional cable management option and cable lock slot. Need an extra feature? Purchase the camera cutout add on to use your iPad's rear camera. Available only for the 7th, 8th & 9th generation iPad 10.2".
Cable Lock slot
For additional security, a purpose-designed latch has been included at the rear of the case that is compatible with keyed and combination Bosstab Cable Locks. Simply add your Bosstab Cable Lock as an add on on the product page.
Cable cutout
Run your cable through the case and stand or surface for a complete internal cable management option, or alternatively, run the cable directly though the included cut out in the case’s rear.
Camera cutout add on
Featuring an optional camera cutout add on to allow the use of the iPad 10.2" rear camera whilst the device remains secured within the Elite case.

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