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Product Case Studies

Explore our collection of case studies and see the real-world impact of our stands. Learn about the key features and benefits that have helped our customers achieve their goals, and any challenges they faced along the way.

Enhance customer experience with retail tablet stands.

In the hugely competitive arena of fashion retail, the customer experience and personalised service are paramount, particularly when it comes to establishing a brand which resonates with consumers.

That’s where technology like tablets is making real inroads into retail, allowing store management to better cater to the needs and wishes of their increasingly educated consumer.

Here are some ways to improve the customer experience with retail tablet stands.

Complete POS solution
Expensive, oversized and bulky POS systems are a thing of the past. Deploy a tablet stand POS solution to achieve a sleek and minimal look.
Cutting the queue
Used as a mobile Point of Sale, tablets allow a retailer to take the checkout to the customer. Due to their affordability and easy set-up, they also enable stores to create additional static points of sale, so more registers are available.
The fitting room
Touchscreen tablets enable a customer to see other similar items or styles that are available, and can also facilitate upselling, courtesy of apps and programming which suggests accompanying items to buy.
Loyalty and rewards
We all know that data is more important than ever. Set-up a tablet stand kiosk to capture your customers data, offer loyalty rewards, all while enjoying an improved customer experience.

Elevate your retail experience with Bosstab tablet stands – more sales, security, style, and space in one package.

Find the perfect software for your retail tablet stand

Tablet stands have become an essential tool for retailers, offering seamless tablet interaction, security, a professional appearance, space-saving design, and customer satisfaction. However, choosing the right POS software for your tablet is just as important. Here are some of the best POS software companies available for tablet devices:


One of the main advantages of using an iPad mount in a retail store is that it enables customers to seamlessly interact with your tablet. Whether they’re browsing products, checking prices, or reading reviews, our cutting-edge iPad stand keeps the tablet at an optimal viewing angle, making it effortless for customers to use. This can lead to increased engagement and sales. Tell me me more about Square POS.


Another benefit of using our tablet stands in retail stores is that they help to keep the tablet secure. Our innovative stands come with locking mechanisms or other security features that prevent the tablet from being stolen or damaged. This can save retailers a significant amount of money in the long run. Tell me more about Lightspeed.


In addition to security, our tablet stands also provide a sleek and professional appearance in store. A tablet mounted on our stand looks more polished and put together than a tablet just lying around on a counter or table. It makes customer feel that the store is well organized and they can trust the store. Tell me more about TouchBistro.


Our tablet stands also help to save space in a retail store. Instead of having a separate table or counter for the tablet, our stand allows the tablet to be mounted directly to a wall or other surface, freeing up valuable floor space. Tell me more about Shopify.

Investing in a tablet stand and the right POS software for your business can help enhance the customer experience, improve security, and increase efficiency.  Find out how to setup your iPad as a POS System here. Shop our range of tablet stands and holders today and take the first step in upgrading your retail store.