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iPads for schools enhance learning with interactivity, engagement, and personalization.

Individual Devices and Kiosks


Integrating iPads for schools can transform the learning experience of students in various ways. Educators can provide individual devices, such as iPads, to students or set up kiosks with a tablet holder or iPad holder. By using iPads in schools, students can access a wealth of information and news, collect it, and use it to enhance their learning journey. With iPads, students can conduct research from anywhere with an internet connection, without having to leave their desks.


Classrooms and school libraries can also have dedicated tablet areas with a bank of iPads or tablets for student use. This way, students can collaborate on projects, access multimedia content, and practice skills in a fun and engaging way. Additionally, iPads can provide assistive technology to students with special needs, such as text-to-speech and voice recognition software.


Benefits of iPads in Schools


Implementing iPads in schools requires careful planning and consideration. Educators must ensure that devices are secure, that students are trained on how to use them effectively, and that appropriate content is available. However, with the right resources and support, iPads can be a valuable addition to any classroom, providing students with a more interactive, engaging, and personalized learning experience.


Interactive learning with iPads


iPads for schools offer a range of interactive apps that provide instant input and feedback, making the learning experience engaging and interactive. With iPads in schools, students can participate in interactive lessons, access multimedia content, and practice skills in a fun and engaging way. This helps to improve student engagement and retention, leading to better learning outcomes.

Versatile and economical iPads


iPads are versatile devices that can be used in various ways to enhance the learning experience. They can be used as static kiosks with a tablet holder in a library, as a bank of computers in the classroom, or as a mobile device that goes with the student. iPads for schools are also an economical solution, as one device allows access to apps, assessments, textbooks, research tools, and more.


Embracing the Digital Age with iPads


Technology like iPads and tablets allows students to embrace the digital age as a foundation of their education. iPads provide easy assessment tools when paired with email, messaging, and apps, allowing students to file their assessments, record submission dates, and simplify the marking, assessment, and feedback process. This prepares students for a life where digital fluency is core to their career and other areas of their lives, setting them up for success in the future.


Incorporating iPads for schools in the classroom provides an interactive learning experience that engages students and improves learning outcomes. iPads are versatile devices that can be used in various ways, including as a mobile device for students, a bank of computers in the classroom, or as a static kiosk with a tablet holder in a library. The affordability of iPads makes them an economical solution for accessing textbooks, apps, assessments, research tools, and more. By embracing technology like iPads, students learn digital fluency skills that will be useful in their future careers and daily lives.

Case Studies

Discover how iPad stands have made a difference in classrooms by exploring our collection of case studies. Our stands have been designed to meet the unique needs of schools, providing a safe and secure way to display and protect iPads.