Used by retailers, the service industry, and enterprise alike, SurveyMonkey allows business to design and create bespoke surveys and send them out on the channel of their choosing.

Surveys can be used to:
• Gauge customer satisfaction
• Understand employee sentiment
• Gain feedback on event experiences
• Conduct market research
• Take opinion polls
• Test concepts
• Offer HR surveys
• And more


• Survey templates
• Conduct surveys on a variety of platforms or via email and text
• Offer kiosk surveys
• Collate data, view it with charts and graphs, then download it to other software
• Survey customization

How it works

Designing surveys

Suitable for use in-store on a kiosk or sent out to clients via email, social media, SMS or chat software, SurveyMonkey offers over 100 expert survey templates, with the choice of over 2500 questions designed by “survey scientists”.

Business can then customize templates to their liking, using questions from the Question Bank and incorporating logos, branding, color schemes, recognized business fonts and even built-in thank you pages.

Distributing surveys

Surveys can be shared on social media, web pages or on a static or mobile kiosk, and can also be sent out via email or text. SurveyMonkey can also generate a QR code, which users can scan on their smartphone to take a survey.

Meanwhile, questions can also be embedded in emails, so responses can be gathered in just one user click, and surveys can also be crated for people to undertake in Messenger. In this instance users interact with a SurveyMonkey bot to answer the questions with the answers then recorded in the business’ SurveyMonkey account.

Analyzing results

Survey results are then channeled into an Analyse Results section of the software. Here business can view data, filter it, see individual responses, create charts, and analyse segment responses.

Responses can also be sorted into sentiment, giving survey senders an idea of the emotion behind the response.

In addition, response reports can be downloaded into a variety of formats including PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, CSV, and SPSS.


SurveyMonkey offers integrations with over 80 popular apps. For deeper reporting and analysis of your data, integrate with your chosen app to better understanding of your customers and employees and gain valuable insights.

surveymonkey integrations


SurveyMonkey offers different pricing schedules for individuals and teams. Individual plans range from $0 to US$99 per month, billed annually, while team plans range from $25 to $75 and higher per user, per month, billed annually.

More information about SurveyMonkey is available on their website here.

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