Scape Living at Franklin

March 10, 2022

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Scape Living at Franklin provides luxe apartment living with a difference.

With beautifully designed spaces for long and short-term stays, the complex offers a range of studios and apartments that are ideal for a getaway or as a base to embrace the work/life balance in Australia’s most culturally exciting and livable city.

In addition to a choice of apartments, Scape Living at Franklin features a luxury lounge with a fireplace, an exclusive dining room, a collaboration lounge, a film screening room, and fitness facilities.

The Brief

the brief

Scape Living at Franklin is a high-end and unique accommodation provider with specific needs. Bosstab was tasked with providing tablet stands for the reception area that suits the stunning and welcoming environment and offers security and durability.

These stands are primarily used by reception staff but also need to be accessible to the customer to view and input their details.

Our solution

our solution

With security and ease of use front of mind, we opted to use the Edge tablet enclosure coupled with the Nexus stand.

The Edge iPad enclosure range features a clamp-based design that includes a simple security lock release option.

Designed for the iPad 10.2-inch, it is compatible with an array of the latest model iPads and protects them from theft, but the tablet can quickly be released by staff when required.

The enclosure also offers a sleek design, ideally keeping with Scape Living’s chic ambiance and surrounds.

The Nexus tablet stand was then added to offer further flexibility. Mounted to the reception desk, it features a 45-degree angle for ease of use and also provides the ability to swivel the tablet so the guest can view what is on screen.

The result

the result

Scape at Franklin notes the new tablet stands have the check-in experience for guests, allowing reception staff to quickly and efficiently welcome visitors to their accommodation and check them in for their stay.

As a bonus, the stands have also enabled a streamlined paperless experience, replacing the paper guest registration card.

In the process, they make the staff’s job easier, allowing them to concentrate on providing a warm welcome to their guests.

The takeaway

the takeaway

A guest’s experience with an accommodation provider begins when they walk in.

Bosstab was proud to assist Scape Living at Franklin showcase their superior hospitality skills by improving the check-in experience.

It’s also a privilege to work with accommodation providers looking to cater to their guests with a unique, high-end offering that showcases Melbourne’s appeal to the world.

Scape Living at Franklin Melbourne Scape Living at Franklin Melbourne Scape Living at Franklin Melbourne

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