All you need to know about iPad wall mounts

January 18, 2022

If you’re seeking to use your iPad as an information kiosk, visitor management system, or mobile Point of Sale, wall mounts offer a great space-saving alternative.

Easy to install, with a range of features, iPad wall mounts are suited to a range of the ever-popular Apple tablets and offer both protection and security for your device.

So, let’s take a walk through all you need to know about iPad wall mounts…

What is a wall mount?

what is a wall mount

As the name suggests, a wall mount allows your iPad to be affixed to a wall in any commercial, business, or personal environment.

You can find iPad wall mounts used anywhere from your local restaurant to schools, businesses, corporations and government agencies.

The benefits of mounting your iPad to a wall, rather than a counter, desk or freestanding pole, include:

  • Space-saving
  • Convenience
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Practicality
  • Hidden cables
  • And more

Mounting types

iPads can be mounted to a wall in many ways, including directly to the wall or using a tilted or fixed stand that extends slightly from the wall surface.

The option you select will depend on your requirements, but factors to consider including the following…

How the iPad will be used?

what is a wall mount

Who will be using the iPad and what will it be used for? If the iPad is a simple kiosk used for a short time to view information (such as advertising or visitor check-in), then directly mounting it to the wall might be the best option.

However, suppose the iPad is to be used by multiple people regularly (such as mPOS). In that case, you might want more flexibility in the iPad’s positioning, which a wall-mounted stand is more likely to provide.

Portrait mode, landscape, or both?

Will the device always be used in landscape or portrait mode, or will it need to swivel between the two?

If the device needs to swivel between the two modes, specific stands offer this feature.

Will it need to tilt?

If the device is to be used regularly by multiple staff members, it might need to tilt for ease of access and use.

In this instance, a wall-mounted stand is a better option than fixed directly to the wall, with multiple options available to allow this flexibility.

What about security?

what about security

The security and protection of your device might be another element you are looking to factor in.

This instance is about determining whether you need a case or iPad enclosure that offers extra protection through a durable frame and perhaps even a lock.

Recommended mounting height

The height at which you position your iPad on the wall will be determined by how it is used, and who is using it.

Devices are generally mounted at two heights:

  1. To accommodate use when standing (such as restaurant mPOS or a visitor check-in kiosk).
    In this instance, a mounting height of 130-150cm (51.2”-59”) is recommended for iPads that are fixed to the wall, while iPads mounted to the wall with a pole or stand have a recommended mounting height of 110cm – 150cm (43.3” - 59”)
  1. To accommodate seated use (for example a bank of iPads used at a bench for research in libraries or education).
    In this case, the iPads will need to be mounted at a height that reflects the bench height.

The different mounts available

As mentioned, there are multiple options when it comes to how you can mount your iPad to a wall, so let’s take a look at some of the options available.

Flush mounts

A flush mount allows you to affix your iPad directly to the wall.

While flush mounts offer a streamlined look and minimal protrusion from the wall, they do not provide the ability to tilt the device or position it at a 45-degree angle for ease of use.

Options include:

Pole mounts

Pole mounts provide a little extra flexibility when it comes to positioning. Depending on which option you choose, they can allow your device to swivel, be locked at 45 degrees, or tilt to different angles, and they are generally available in two forms:


Fixed mounts

Fixed pole mounts see your iPad locked into position at 45-degrees, but some will allow the device to swivel from portrait to landscape mode.

Options available include:


Tilt stands

Tilt stands offer the convenience of being able to shift the position of the iPad to a different angle. This can prove a useful feature in environments where multiple staff members of different heights are regularly accessing the device.

Options available include:

  • The Evo X pole – This pole allows the iPad to rotate between portrait and landscape and also features a 40-degree tilt for a functional and ergonomic design. This stand features a position lock on both tilt and rotate movements for a fixed option.

Cable management

When mounting an iPad to a wall, cable management is another factor you will need to take into account.

All stands and cases on offer provide the ability for you to channel cables from the device either into the wall or through an electrical conduit and directly to a power source.

You can view our range of cables and adaptors which are available to assist with installation here.


Need some assistance?
If you have any questions about which wall mount might be best suited to your needs, we are available to assist.

You can get in contact with a member of the Bosstab team here.

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