Visitor management, bookings, and customer service - How to use an iPad in an office

October 14, 2021

The attributes of the humble iPad are well-known when it comes to on-the-go office productivity, but what about the other nifty tasks it can perform within the business environment?

It turns out there are quite a few, with this savvy little tablet popping up everywhere from visitor management to meeting room bookings and customer service.

So, let’s explore some alternate uses for your average office iPad.

The rise of the iPad in offices

the rise of the iPad in offices

Since it first arrived on the scene back in 2010, the humble iPad has been appearing in all sorts of places…as mPOS in hospitality, check-in at airports and even in the cockpits of your average airplane.

In the process, it’s replaced reams of paperwork, cut time spent in the queue, and facilitated greater workplace efficiency.

Driving this adoption is the fact iPads are mobile, intuitive to use, affordable to implement and tap into a wealth of software for a range of different purposes.

That means the potential uses of an iPad in an office extend far beyond being an alternative to a laptop.

So, let’s look at three alternate uses of an iPad in an office…

Visitor management

visitor management

Visitor management has long been the bugbear of reception staff greeting clients and guests at the front desk of an organization.

There’s paperwork involved, data entry, and records need to be stored in a way they can readily be accessed.

In the meantime, COVID and the events of 2020 saw visitor management take on a whole new importance.

That’s where the iPad steps in, courtesy of a range of software that effortlessly caters to the task of visitor management.

Simply set an iPad up in a tablet holder at the front desk and let visitors check themselves in, sign any required paperwork, and meet any workplace health and safety requirements.

Records are then kept and accessed in real-time, providing full transparency of who is on-site, and why they are there.

You can find our visitor management software series here, read our top suggestions for tablet holders suited to visitor registration here, or view our wall-mounted tablet holders, desktop iPad holders and floor stand holder options.



Whether a customer is booking an appointment with a member of your team or staff is looking to schedule the use of a meeting room, bookings are another popular use of iPads.

Using booking software allows organizations to manage their resources better, locking in relevant times for meetings and appointments, and alerting those who need to know.

Implementing a booking system in your business is as simple as setting up the iPad in a tablet holder, downloading the relevant software, and enjoying greater efficiency and fewer scheduling conflicts as a result.

Our floor stand iPad holders and wall-mounted tablet holders are popular options when it comes to booking management.

Customer service

customer service

Sometimes customer service is best handled with technology. For example, a customer might need to input their details on the screen, access their account, or see what a staff member is referring to.

This is another way an iPad can be used within an office, allowing staff to reduce the need for printing documents while sharing information directly on-screen with their client.

In this instance, you might wish to set your iPad up with a tablet holder that allows the screen to swivel or flip in the customer’s direction, or perhaps install dedicated desktop kiosks where customers can access the information they need.

Our range of desktop tablet holders suited to this task can be viewed here.

The final word

In many ways the potential uses for an iPad in business are only limited by the imagination.

As a tech tool it’s mobile, intuitive and offers the ability to eliminate paperwork, present a professional image, and provide better customer service.

You can view our complete range of tablet holders suited to business here.

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