A new focus on visitor management

October 08, 2020

Long before Covid-19 saw everyone embrace a contactless world, visitor management was changing. Traditional sign-in systems involving paper and pen were becoming passé, while digital sign-in kiosks were opening new doors to environmental benefits and improved operational efficiency.

Now of course, digital sign-in is proving invaluable as businesses pivot to adapt to a contactless landscape where accountability for who visits your premises is paramount.

The bottom line is, visitor management has changed for good, and there are some innovative ways to cater to the trend.

Visitor management has changed for good

Coronavirus has delivered a new focus on accountability when it comes to visitor management.

Never have businesses are more liable for the people who are permitted to enter their site, and never have they been more accountable for ensuring the information that these guests provide is accurate.

Not only does Covid contact tracing depend on accurate records of who visits what premises when, it also requires declarations of where that person has been prior.

For the businesses who are custodians of this information, the focus is on timely collection of relevant data, including:

  • Who entered what location on what date?
  • Why they were there?
  • Who they came in contact with?
  • Were Covid-19 risks managed?

This type of visitor sign-in data calls for a much more comprehensive screening process than traditional paper and pen can manage.

A series of boxes need to be ticked, and more importantly the data on file needs to readily recalled, easily accessible, and instantly available should an issue be identified.

A contactless world

Featured software: Sine

Contactless payments, contactless pickup, contactless delivery – just as the words ‘Covid’, ‘unprecedented’ and ‘challenging’ have entered the common lexicon, so too has ‘contactless’.

And visitor sign-in is at the forefront of this change.

That’s where kiosks combined with QR codes are innovating to adapt. Using automated digital sign-in, guests can either print out a QR code or download it to their personal device. They then simply scan the code upon entry at a kiosk.

This can also work slightly differently, as software provider Sine recently highlighted.

Rather than the visitor pre-registering and downloading the QR code in advance, they simply attend and with their smartphone scan the visitor software QR code that is provided by at a tablet-based kiosk.

This then allows them to sign any documents, and tick any required boxes on their own handheld device, thereby eliminating the need to touch a public touchscreen.

There are also a series of further benefits, such as:

On-site screening or re-screening

Visitor software like Sine allows you devise a set of Covid questions that enable you to screen visitors to your site. They also feature a pre-screening option, which requires potential guests to fill in information before they even arrive.


The software further allows the site to track exactly where a visitor has been. By offering multiple kiosks throughout premises, visitors are encouraged to keep scanning as they tour a facility, thereby accurately tracking their movements.

Temperature checks

Some visitor sign-in software providers have even gone a step further, working with thermal camera providers. This enables a business to take the temperature of a visitor before they are permitted to enter the premises.

All hail the kiosk

Featured product: Elite Floor Stand
Featured Software: Sine

The reality is visitor management is now more important than ever before for business, enterprise and government, and this is unlikely to change any time soon.

Accurately tracking your guests, while offering them a contactless sign-in has never been more important for keeping the doors of business open.

And no, it doesn’t have to be a cumbersome, expensive exercise to transform sign-in from paper and pen to contactless digital. The technology is there, it’s widely available and kiosks are at the heart of visitor sign-in reform.

You can learn more about deploying tablets as visitor sign-in stations here or see our range of suitable tablet stands here. Meanwhile, a wealth of software providers offer contactless options utilising simple technology like QR codes.

Just some of the apps available include:

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