How to protect your employees and visitors

April 07, 2020

For the essential services at the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic, business security, employee protection and staff welfare are now front of mind.

With hygiene and contact tracing two of the major tools in the fight against the virus spread, it has never been more critical to screen staff and visitors prior to site entry, and also track attendance.

Here’s a quick snapshot of just some of the ways a visitor management system can help protect your employees and visitors in the era of COVID-19.

Visitor and employee screening at check-in


Regardless of whether your business is a manufacturer, distributor, or essential service, security and safety starts at the entrance to your facility, which is where visitor and staff check-in is essential.

This is the point where you can record details about who is attending the site and also have these visitors acknowledge their understanding of the risks and obligations, effectively screening who is allowed on your premises.

The Receptionist explains one tool businesses can employ is an entry agreement or series of screening questions.

These allow you to ask any site attendees whether they have recently experienced cold or flu symptoms, have been in contact with someone with these symptoms, or have travelled overseas in the past 14 days.

If an attendee clicks yes to any of these questions or fails to sign an agreement, the check-in process will halt and prompt them to reschedule their appointment by email or text instead.

Effectively the process enables you to screen guests and employees to minimise transmission risk while also legally protecting your business.

Hygiene prompts and safety reminders

In addition to screening guests and staff, Visitor Management Software can also serve to remind a site attendee about your current business precautions against COVID-19.

A further disclaimer or agreement can be implemented to remind screened visitors and staff to regularly wash their hands, and practice social distancing.

This helps protect your business legally and operationally.

Visitor and employee logs


Screening is the first stage of minimising risk, but in reality, someone may have visited your site who was asymptomatic at that stage. This is where digital visitor and staff logs are proving an essential tool to assist with contact tracing.

With guest and employee check-in, you can comprehensively trace exactly who has been on site and likely to have been in contact with whom.

Most visitor management software enables you to time stamp visitor and staff entry and departure, giving you a complete log or who was at your site, when and for how long.

Contact emails and messaging

Another major benefit of Visitor Management Software is that it enables you to record the contact details of every person who visits your site.

Should a visitor find they have COVID-19, this data can be used to reach out to every guest or staff member who was there at the time. They can be contacted via text, phone or email to indicate someone has tested positive and they need to take precautionary measures to halt the spread.

Cleaning your Visitor Management System

Finally, your Visitor Management System hardware should be regularly cleaned as part of the increased hygiene measures that are now required to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

You can read our guide on sanitising tablets and hardware here.

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