The new Mac Pro has just landed

December 16, 2019

Apple’s heavy-duty desktop computer has finally hit the streets, and it’s a space-age looking number with some serious power packed in.

Here’s an insight into the all-new Mac Pro and why many are more than willing to fork out some serious cash to secure this high-spec model.

What is the Mac Pro?

First unveiled at WWDC 2019, the all-new Mac Pro is a desktop computer designed for professional use, which can be configured to your liking.

It comes with a svelte looking stainless-steel frame and is encased within a removable aluminium housing.

This design allows for easy access, so users can add or remove components when required in a bid to attain the performance they need. Apple has actively catered to this configuring trend by positioning graphics and expansion on one side of the internal logic board and storage and memory on the other.

The base model kicks in with an eight-core Intel Xeon processor (CPU), Radeon 580X graphics processor (GPU) and 32GB of ECC memory (RAM).

From there the sky’s almost the limit with up to a 28-core Intel Xeon processor available on top of 1.5TB of six-channel ECC system memory.

That’s a seriously powerful computer by anyone’s measure, and you can also add more down the track courtesy of the modular design.

As a result of its pure grunt, it comes with a seriously hefty price tag.

The price tag

Apple Mac Pro

The Mac Pro starts with a base model price of US$5999 (AU$9999), but the more you add the more you pay, meaning the 28-core, 1.5TB model could set you back an estimated and whopping US$45,000 (AU$65,000). Yes, you did read that correctly and bear in mind, that figure doesn’t even include the screen…or the keyboard…or the mouse, which we’ll come to next…

The screen

A powerful performance-based computer needs a powerful performance-based screen, and Apple has designed an accompanying monitor to suit.

Known as the Pro Display XDR, it features a world first 32-inch Retina 6K display. It also has the next level in high-dynamic range (HDR) or what Apple calls Extreme Dynamic Range (or XDR), and also comes with the option of a Nano-Texture surface which is aimed at reducing screen reflection while maintaining image quality.

The screen starts at US$4999 (AU$8499) for the standard version and US$5999 (AU$9999) for the nano-texture option. There’s also a pro stand you can add in for US$999 (AU$1699), and a VESA mount adaptor for US$199 (AU$349).

Meanwhile, a keyboard, mouse and trackpad are also available.

Who it’s for

Apple Mac Pro case screen and macbook

The Mac Pro is far from your average desktop, which means it’s targeted at a fairly specific market segment, as Tech Radar explains:

“…Apple is targeting the new Mac Pro 2019 at production crews and serious creators. This isn't a computer made for the average consumer, as you'll find the spec and price to be far in excess of what you’ll likely need – and can probably afford.”

When is it available?

Apple had originally flagged that the Mac Pro would be available in the US Fall. It’s taken them a little longer to deliver on that release date than expected, but as of December 10, the Mac Pro 2019 is available in the US and Australia.

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