10.2-inch iPad to launch this week?

September 10, 2019

Apple could launch a 10.2-inch iPad along with their iPhones this week, while the iPad Pro 2019 is also likely just weeks away, and if rumors are to be believed, the Pro may even boast a triple camera array.

The final quarter of the year is traditionally Apple’s season of big reveals with the iPhones set for an upgrade in September, and the iPad Pro range often following soon behind.

That’s prompting many to tip a garden variety 10.2-inch iPad might be revealed this week while a newly refreshed iPad Pro could be unveiled by the end of October.

So, what’s expected from Apple over the coming weeks?

A 10.2-inch iPad

The most pressing current rumor is that Apple could release a 10.2-inch standard iPad at their iPhone launch tomorrow (September 10). This would support renowned analyst Ming Chi Kuo’s predictions earlier in the year that the garden variety 9.7-inch iPad would increase in size to 10.2 inches.

In March, Apple revealed an upgraded Mini and larger 10.5-inch Air, but didn’t release the 10.2. And, according to MacWorld, it could launch as soon as the iPhone event.

Japanese publication Mac Okatara says this entry-level 10.2-inch model may boast dual cameras.

Along with an increase in size, the iPad 10.2 might also feature FaceID and could have slimmer bezels. That would put it in competition with the iPad Air, so may not be likely.

As for price, the current 9.7-inch iPad is the cheapest in the iPad lineup. Apple may look to keep it there by offering only a size increase and minimal updates, or it could choose to shift it up the price ranks with a more intensive redesign.

The iPad Pro

ipad pro

Regardless of whether there is an entry level iPad released this week, the iPad Pros are definitely tipped for an upgrade come October.

That’s expected to bring a raft of improvements, but the biggest tip of the year so far is that iPad Pros will feature a triple camera array on the rear. This would see Apple adopting the same camera configuration that many expect from the upcoming iPhone 11.

Embracing multi-cameras in its tablets would also mark a fresh move from the company.

Although the iPhone has enjoyed dual cameras since 2016, it has yet to make the transition to Apple’s hugely popular tablets.

The rumors have been sparked by Mac Okatara which cites accessory diagrams from Apple suppliers as an indication of what’s to come.

Meanwhile The Verge notes that if triple cameras on the iPad Pro come to fruition, it will fall in line with Apple’s augmented reality aspirations.

A Pro wish list

As always, Apple is keeping a tight lid on upgrades expected in the 2019 Pro, but TechRadar has put together a wish list of features they would like to see.

Along with other items, these include:

Improved screen quality

The iPad Pro currently has an LCD screen, but a shift to AMOLED would bring the Pros in line with competitors such as Samsung and their Galaxy Tab S6.

Better battery life

Longer is always better when it comes to battery life. Although the Pro already boasts a pretty decent battery, Tech Radar argues that as Pros look to replace laptops, Apple could be doing more. On a similar note, they’d also like to see faster charging.

Improved FaceID

Every manufacturer is pretty much now aboard the facial recognition train, which gives the iPad Pro room for improvement.

Better Pencil Connectivity

The Apple Pencil currently connects by laying horizontally across the top of the iPad Pro, that means it has a tendency to fall off when you put your tablet in your bag.

5G Connectivity

This one’s a big one. With 5G mobile internet now rolling out globally, many are hoping the Pro is available with 5G connectivity to embrace the improved speed.

How Long Until The Launch?

According to speculation, the 10.2 iPad could be announced tomorrow, but for those looking to the new iPad Pro range, that may take a little longer.
Pros are traditionally unveiled in October, just in time to be the big-ticket Christmas present under any professionals’ Christmas tree.

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