What is Mailchimp?

October 12, 2018

This is a repost from an earlier post in Augst 2016

Since it was established in 2001, MailChimp has carved out a highly successful niche in the ever-evolving world of email marketing. Now ranked as the leading email marketing provider, the MailChimp app services over 12 million people and sends out over 1 billion emails each day.

Here's how MailChimp works, and why so many people use its services.

How it works

A web-based platform, MailChimp is accessible from whatever device you have at hand. It allows you to create and sign into an account where you can compile lists of subscribers and send them group emails using MailChimp's simple templates.

It enables users to let people know what you're up to, advise them of specials or directly send them a weekly blog. This means users come from all sectors of the commercial and non-commercial world - whether it's a blog, restaurant, online store, or veterinary surgery advising of a new flea treatment.


Designing your newsletter or email is simple using MailChimp's array of templates and drag and drop tools that prompt you to complete details. Emails and newsletters are called "campaigns", and once finalized, enter the MailChimp queue for distribution. They can immediately be sent to a Facebook page or Twitter so you can be noticed by people who may not yet have subscribed.

There is also an RSS feed option, which allows users to send blog posts to subscribers directly a blog or webpage, and the RSS option also has extras like sidebar information where you can incorporate a call to action.


An additional paid feature offered by MailChimp is message automation, so you can automatically update clients, notify them of rewards or information. This feature is activated by a specific trigger like buying a product or subscribing.


Arguably one of the most important assets of this app is its advanced reporting, which enables users to ascertain how many people opened an email, what links they have clicked on and where they are approximately located. This allows more targeted future campaigns to hone communication with customers and people interested in what you do



MailChimp integrates with a staggering number of other apps - over 800 in total. These include the big names like Google, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce and more.


MailChimp has a varied cost structure that caters to business of all size. For small-time operators with fewer than 2000 subscribers, it is free to send up to 12,000 emails each month.

Professional operators with a subscriber list between 1001 and 2600 receive additional features such as marketing automation, targeting and segmentation, A/B testing, and team collaboration for a sliding fee dependent on subscriber numbers that costs between US$20 and US$35 each month. This fee covers unlimited emails.

For big business requiring enterprise level features like performance monitoring, multi-variate testing and more advanced reporting, the price tag is US$199 plus a monthly fee depending on subscriber numbers, and includes unlimited emails.

Final Thoughts

There's a reason MailChimp is a leader in the email marketing field, and it's easy to test out if this may be the marketing solution for you by establishing your free account and walking through the process.

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