Apple’s 2018 iPad Pro is proving hugely popular with business and enterprise, with almost every configuration reportedly selling out on the first day of pre-orders. And, although quarterly figures are yet to be released, all indications are the Pro has continued its rapid rollout. Now, Bosstab has released a Fusion enclosure to protect the 12.9-inch version of the high-spec device, making it more flexible, accessible and user-friendly in commercial settings. So, what’s so special about the iPad Pro 2018?

Google Home versus Amazon Echo

In the savvy world of smart speakers, two major players rule the roost – Amazon with their Echo range and Google with the Home series. But what are the benefits and drawbacks of each, and how do you…

What is the Yoga A940?

Microsoft Surface Studio is tipped to have some competition on its hands with the recent release of a Lenovo that takes many of its design cues from Microsoft’s flagship model. Known as the Lenovo Y…

What is the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4?

About mid last year Chinese tech company Xiaomi announced plans to widen its market in the US, bringing with it a range of affordable smartphones and tablets including an 8-inch iPad alternative known…
iPad Mini 2019

Will there be a new iPad Mini in 2019?

For over three years the smallest member of the iPad line-up has not received an update, but according to new rumors, that could soon be set to change. Since late last year speculation has been increa…

What is Google Fi?

Almost four years ago, Google announced it was entering cellular communications with a project it hoped would revolutionize the way US customers accessed, used and were charged for voice and data comm…
iPad School

How schools are using iPads to teach students

It’s safe to say Apple has never been shy about its intention to ensure the iPad is the device of choice when it comes to education. But after years languishing behind Google in the education stakes…

Surface Go stand now available

If financial records are anything to go by, Microsoft is gaining ground in the tablet race, with its recently released Surface Go taking on the Apple iPad and driving a bumper period of sales. And in…

What is the Google Pixel Slate?

Mid last year there was a wealth of speculation Google was set to abandon its push for a share of the tablet market. Less than six months later these predictions were proved wrong, with Google unveili…

More beneath the Surface of Studio 2

Two years after Microsoft first released its own all-in-one desktop computer, the tech giant has revealed an update to the Surface Studio. And while it may look and feel much the same as its predecess…

The battle of the Smart Speakers

It’s little secret the smart speakers are big business, with forecasts indicating adoption has doubled from 50 million to 100 million installed units over the past 12 months. More importantly, the m…

5 Handy iPad Stands

If you’ve ever walked into the Apple store, anywhere in the world, you’ll notice one very remarkable thing: It’s always packed. Part of the appeal, of course, are the products: Appl…

What is Amazon Go?

Looking back on the retail landscape in 2018, two little words have consistently hit the headlines: Amazon Go. Learn all about it here.

All about Android 9 Pie

In August this year, Google began rolling out the latest tweak to its Android operating system in the form of Android 9 Pie.

5G and a new mobile era

A new age of mobile internet is dawning, with 5G smart phones set to hit the market as the network infrastructure rolls out in countries like the US, UK, Australia, China and South Korea.

Why is USB-C so good?

When Apple announced the latest iPad Pro housed a USB-C port rather than accommodating the traditional lightning charger, there was a quiet but collective sigh of relief from the tech world. Finally (…

Your guide to Quickbooks point of sale

When it comes to merging point of sale transactions with your everyday accounting, it’s difficult to imagine an app that can do the job well. With the Quickbooks point of sale app, such smooth s…

Best tablets to buy under $200

When you need to buy a tablet for under $200, you don’t have to settle for anything less than excellent. Thanks to the rapidly developing technology market, companies release new tablets on an almos…

The all-new iPad Pros

Few things whip the tech world into a frenzy quite so much as the prospect of new Apple offerings and this year proved no exception with the launch of the third generation iPad Pro. Unveiled on Octobe…

What is the Shopify Point of Sale App?

How much easier would your day-to-day business operations become if you could accept credit and debit cards anywhere? Using the Shopify point of sale (POS) app, this dream has become a reality for bus…

What is the Square Point of Sale App?

Square’s point-of-sale app has quickly become one of the industry’s leading options for merchants in the retail environment. It’s remarkably easy to use, has a powerful set of features and prese…

22 of the Best Small Business Apps

The world is mobile — we can take a call and answer an email from almost anywhere in the world. But what about the work you do every day that needs a bigger screen than the one on your smartphone? H…

Samsung’s foldable phone now imminent

After years of speculation, the much-anticipated foldable Samsung Galaxy X smart phone could be revealed as soon as this November, and if it’s what many believe it will be, the X is set to be a game…

Ready, set, Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft has added a new addition to its Surface tablet range in the form of a Surface Go. Smaller and lighter than its popular Pro counterpart, it’s set to offer all the best features of the Micro…

What is Mailchimp?

Since it was established in 2001, MailChimp has carved out a highly successful niche in the ever-evolving world of email marketing. Now ranked as the leading email marketing provider, the MailChimp ap…

What’s going on with the iPad?

If predictions are anything to go by, Apple is only weeks away from the launch of the iPad Pro 2018 and it’s tipped to be a major rethink of their previous design, embracing many of the attributes o…

The Tablet Revolution

In the modern day of tweets, texts, and swiping right, people are becoming increasingly more dependent on the convenience and accessibility of hand held electronics. We like to hold our devices and to…
Freedom Universal Tablet Stand

Technology key to the restaurant experience

Amidst the steady hum of the coffee machine and the swift pace of orders being punched into an iPad, children sit at a makeshift benchtop accessing the latest apps, and mastering the art of Fruit Ninj…

Shoppers still prefer to buy in-store

Australian research has found the allure of bricks and mortar retail will continue in coming years with consumers still keen to enjoy the personalised service, social interaction and product experienc…
Twist Cafe

Predictions for the iPad Pro 2018

Apple may be rejoicing in the resounding success that is the iPhone X but there’s little time to celebrate, with all eyes on their next forecast big release, the iPad Pro 2018. iPhone X went on sale…

About Bosstab

Bosstab provides premium secure lockable tablet kiosk enclosure stands, tablet holders and wall mounts for retail and exhibition functions.

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