Charging Cables

3-meter charging cables that keep your tablet fully charged. Is a great addition to your tablet stand.

$29.95 Inc GST


Keyed Alike

Have multiple Fusion Tablet Enclosures?

Buy the keyed alike set to use the same key for all your stands. There's no more need to carry around multiple keys.


One keyed alike set is needed per stand.

$14.95 Inc GST


Cable Locks

Cable locks are highly versatile cables capable of offering secure protection for laptops, tablets and phones. Our BossTab cable locks are Australia's most popular locks and have gained a reputation for their ease of ease and high build quality.

From $27.95 Inc GST


Anchor Point

The BossTab Anchor Point provides a secure point to attach a security cable lock.

The steel anchor is secured to the mounting surface with either the two self-tapping screws or double-sided adhesive tape. A chrome steel plate then covers the screws for a neat secure anchor point.

From $17.95 Inc GST


Power over Ethernet Adaptor

Power your iPad using the POE adaptor. Run an Ethernet cable to your stand or mount and use the adaptor to switch to Lightning.

$49.95 Inc GST