Anchor Point

Cable Lock Accessory


The Bosstab Anchor Point provides a secure point to attach a security cable lock. The steel anchor is secured to the mounting surface with either the two self-tapping screws or double-sided adhesive tape. A chrome steel plate then covers the screws for a neat secure anchor point.

Anchor Point Cable Lock

Designed For Bosstab Tablet Stands

Designed to work with our Cable Locks, this Anchor Point provides additional security for freestanding tablet stands and floor stand kiosks. Constructed with polished aluminium for strong and sturdy support.

Adhesive & Screw Mount Options

Easy to install with 2 mounting options. Secure the Anchor Point to the counter with our strong adhesive pad. For a more heavy duty and high strength option, screw down the anchor point with 2 timber screws for ultimate security.
Anchor Point Mounting Options
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