Dual USB C Charger

40W - GaN


This Bosstab GaN USB C charger is a compact but powerful wall charger powered by gallium nitride technology. A maximum power of up to 30W with charging a single device and up to 20W when two devices are being charged simultaneously.

GaN USB-C Charger Dual Ports

Dual USB-C Charger

With 2 USB-C ports in the Bosstab GaN charger, this allows you to power multiple devices with a maximum power of up to 20W. This Bosstab USB-C charger supports a wide range of USB-C compatible devices, including Samsung, Google, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, and iPhone.

GaN Technology

Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology, unlike traditional silicon chips allows the USB-C charger to operate at 2.5x faster and generate less heat than a silicon chip based charger. Smart power sharing allocates power to the device that needs it the most. Allowing you to get the right amount of power to your devices.
Bosstab GaN Charger Technology
Gan Charger for Macbook 500x550

High Speed Charging

The Bosstab GaN charger is loaded with power to boost your battery power up to 30W with one device connected. Ideal for Macbook/Surface Pro laptops. Charge up to 20W with 2 devices charging simultaneously. Recommended for tablets and smart phones.
100-240VAC 50-60Hz 1.2A
Max Output - Single Port In Use
Max Output - Both Ports in Use
Will this charge my laptop?
Our 40 Watt Gan charger will charge low powered laptops, like Macbook Airs and Chromebooks. For more powerful laptops like Macbook pros we recommend higher-powered chargers.
Will this charge 2 iPads at the same time?
Yes it will.
Does this output 40 Watts per port?
No. The maximum it can output on a single port is 30 watts. If both ports are in use it will output 20 Watts per port, totalling 40 Watts.
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